Dishwashing Detergent Tablets

hom Dishwashing Detergent Tablets are triple-action tablets that remove tough stains and leaves a brilliant shine on your dishes, silverware, and pots. The patented triple action tablet optimizes cleaning by time releasing for pre-wash, deep cleaning and rinsing action. You’ll be amazed at how much more powerful they are than standard tablets! Leaves no residue, only shiny dishes!

Net Contents:
Net WT .56 oz  (16g) each
Total Net WT 18 oz  (512g)

  • Patented triple-action tablet removes tough stains and leaves brilliant shine
  • Optimized timing releases pre-wash, deep cleaning and rinsing actions
  • Cleans better than standard tablets
  • Safe for all dishwashers
  • Scent free
  • 32 Tablets

Ingredients and Functions


  • Sodium Carbonate Peroxide
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Subtilisin

SDS Sheet


Do not overload to ensure better water circulation. Do not unwrap or puncture. Tablets will dissolve during the wash cycle. Handle with dry hands. Place tablet in main dispenser and close. If tablet will not fit in dispenser, place at the bottom of the washer. Run the dishwasher on normal wash cycle.


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