A Daily Routine to Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning and maintaining a house is not an impossible job. Some dread the day of housecleaning. Housecleaning need not only be a once or twice per month event. The secret to keeping a home clean and not spending one’s Saturday cleaning is a shift in thinking. This shift involves making a habit of doing something daily toward cleaning and maintaining your home.

First, realize a daily cleaning routine is your best friend. As busy as everyone is, sometimes it is difficult to find the time to bother with it. However, realize doing a little daily means less work for you on “cleaning day”. It is easy to dread all of that work on one day, especially after a long workday.

Second, think what needs accomplishing in each room. Visit each room with a cell phone and record what comes to your mind as a necessary cleaning task. Remember tasks that need doing on a daily and/or weekly basis and record them, too. You need not remember everything now or go to each room now. This is a preliminary list that will grow.

Once you have compiled the preliminary list, type it (or word process it). Put the paper into a page protector. You can hang it in a prominent area where you will remember the tasks. As you clean, check off what you have done. When you finish, you can look back at what you have accomplished. It is your job to stay motivated daily. It will be easier because you are doing a little at a time.

The Internet is your friend when maintaining and cleaning your home, especially when making a list of necessary tasks. There are things you will forget when making your list, but the Internet will help. Realize it will take more than an hour the first time you use the list. Also, know the process will go faster the more you become accustomed to it. After you use the process for several days, you may need only 20 minutes per day. These minutes per day will replace the weekends spent cleaning and organizing. It is good to remember the Pareto principle applies in housecleaning. Eighty percent of the results will result from 20 percent of the “intelligent effort” spent on cleaning and maintaining.

Housecleaning and maintenance need not be a dreaded chore relegated to the weekends. Having an easy, guilt-free weekend and a clean house requires accomplishing a little every day. This mindset will help free your weekends for what you want to do.

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