Kid-Friendly Tailgating Snacks

Bring out your favorite team’s jersey out of retirement and get ready for the official beginning of football season. One of the best things about football is that the entire family can get involved. Rooting for their favorite team from home or in the stands, dressing up to show some serious team spirit, and getting to enjoy some amazing tailgate foods are just a few of the family-friendly ideas that parents can share with their kids while also doing something that they enjoy. Getting the kids involved makes the game even more fun for them. These three fun football-themed tailgating treats are sure to please little and big fans alike.

Football Rice Krispie Treats

Sometimes the simplest treats can be a huge tailgate hit. This four-ingredient treat does not disappoint and is an ideal recipe to make with kids. The process is wildly simple. Measure out Cocoa Krispie cereal according to the recipe. Next, measure the marshmallows and butter before melting in a saucepan. Finally, combine the cereal with the mallow mix and push it down into a pan to let cool. Then comes the fun part. Use a football-shaped cookie cutter to make shapes then remove. The last step is to use premade vanilla frosting to make the signature laces on the football.

Football Cones with Fresh Fruit

Let’s face it; most tailgating foods aren’t the healthiest. This perfectly portable snack is made for little hands. All it requires are waffle cones, milk chocolate almond bark, vanilla almond bark, and grapes. Seriously easy. Melt the milk chocolate bark first and then dip the cones in making sure to coat the interior well. Next, let them dry on wax paper. Next, melt a small portion of white almond bark and paint on the football laces on the side. After they are all dry simply fill with grapes or berries and they are good-to-go!

Goal Post Pizza

For kids, pizza is an integral part of almost any celebration. This crowd-pleaser can be created several ways to suit any family’s taste buds. Start with a frozen pizza or make one homemade. Next, use olives to make a goal post and mini pepperonis to create a football sailing through the posts. Green bell peppers can serve as the turf. If any of these ingredients are objectionable then feel free to swap it out to make an individualized design. Bake the pizza according to the box’s instructions and present the masterpiece at tailgate time before slicing it up.


Adults and kids can bond over the shared love of football. It promotes unity, team spirit, comradery, competitiveness, and always has great food. These three easy snacks are excellent kid-friendly options for any tailgate party. Rice Krispie footballs, football cones with fruit, and goal post pizza are all a wonderful balance of healthy and fun combined so parents don’t have to feel guilty. Even better, adults enjoy these snacks just as much as the kiddos do!

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