Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Spring Break is hectic. Planning a trip can be costly and overwhelming. This year skip out on a family road trip and discover the awesomeness of a staycation. Check out these ideas to keep you and your family entertained this Spring Break.

Local Attractions

Staycations are the perfect time to explore your local town or neighboring cities. You’ll finally have time to check out those museum exhibits, try out new restaurants, spend the day at the movie theater and go shopping. It’s the perfect opportunity to try all the things you’ve had on your list.

Pin it Out

When you aren’t out and about, take some time to turn your pins into reality. Create DIY decorations for your home or garden, keep the kids entertained with the latest slime experiments, test out some meal prepping tips or build your new workout plan. No matter what you’re into, a staycation is the perfect opportunity to get crafty on Pinterest.

Check out the Pinterest board we put together, filled with tons of kid-friendly and fun activities: https://www.pinterest.com/homproducts/spring-break-ideas-for-kids/


Local non-profits always need help around Spring Break when their regular volunteers go on vacation. Visit your local dog shelter, food pantry, homeless shelter or youth club to log some volunteer hours and make a difference. Your participation will leave a positive impact on the community and will be a rewarding experience for you and your family.

Spring Break Camps  

A lack of routine can make kids rowdy, even if it’s only for a week. Your house will probably be messier than usual and it will be harder to schedule some “Me” time. Before school lets out, research Spring Break programs available in your local community. You will often find camps hosted at nearby public schools, recreational clubs or gyms, crafting businesses, dance studios or even the local zoo. For a few hours a day, your kids will be able to get their energy out while staying away from a screen. Not only will you get the break you deserve but they will be able to engage in some good-old-fashioned playtime.

Spring Cleaning

Make the break an opportunity to do get started on your spring cleaning. Reorganize your closets, attic, junk-drawers, and pantry. Show the garden a little TLC with new flowers and mulch. Give each appliance and countertop the deep clean it deserves. Plan out a cleaning routine and weave it in among all your local adventures, DIYs, volunteer hours and camp schedules. You will feel so much better going into the rest of the school year with a happy and healthy home.

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