Six Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween is approaching fast, which means the rush of parties and gatherings is too. For kids, Halloween is the perfect holiday because it means lots and lots of candy. Sometimes the candy needs a break though, and slightly healthier, still festive, snacks come in handy.


A Daily Routine to Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning and maintaining a house is not an impossible job. Some dread the day of housecleaning. Housecleaning need not only be a once or twice per month event. The secret to keeping a home clean and not spending one’s Saturday cleaning is a shift in thinking. This shift involves making a habit of doing something daily toward cleaning and maintaining your home.


Kid-Friendly Tailgating Snacks

Bring out your favorite team’s jersey out of retirement and get ready for the official beginning of football season. One of the best things about football is that the entire family can get involved. Rooting for their favorite team from home or in the stands, dressing up to show some serious team spirit, and getting to enjoy some amazing tailgate foods are just a few of the family-friendly ideas that parents can share with their kids while also doing something that they enjoy. Getting the kids involved makes the game even more fun for them. These three fun football-themed tailgating treats are sure to please little and big fans alike.


Back To School Necessities

Summer sure does seem to race by, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the end of the school year. Now, it’s almost time to start another one.

And you know what that means. It’s almost time to buy school supplies. Instead of waiting until the last minute as everyone else does, why not get a head start and begin looking now for the things that you’ll need. It would be much easier than a last-minute, mad dash right before school starts.

Even if you don’t have the full supply list from school yet, here are a few things that you know you’ll need.


3 Ways To Be Less Wasteful

We have all heard it many times before. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Though, how many people make the effort to do so? My guess is probably not enough. If you are looking to cut down on the waste in your household, this guide will help to get you started.


5 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is a special time with our kids, but what can we do when it gets too hot for a trip to the zoo or a day at the park? Here are five ideas to help you create fun summer memories with your kids without suffering in the heat. Stay Cool Outdoors  Of course, some… Read more »


Best House Plants (that won’t die easily)

Just about any home can benefit from a touch of greenery–however, many people hesitate to bring new house plants into their dwelling because they worry about them being high-maintenance or toxic to pets and little ones. If you’ve been hoping to find a safe, low-maintenance house plant to purify the air in your home and bring in a bit of natural beauty, check out these four great options that will keep growing strong!


6 Steps to Get Ready for Patio Season

April showers bring May flowers… and patio season! Just as you would clean the rest of your house, you’ve got to make sure your patio is in tip-top shape to entertain on a moment’s notice.