Benefits of Purifying Indoor Plants

Did you know that houseplants can have huge benefits inside your home? Houseplants can help you breathe easier by purifying the air and can even help you fight the common cold or flu! While there are a few plants can target specific problem areas, overall there are quite a few plants that can aid in your overall well-being.

Breathe Easy

Houseplants can assist in enabling you to breathe easier! While we take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen – completing a healthy cycle. Additionally, the toxic gas formaldehyde is present in most homes: It is emitted from carpeting, plywood, adhesives, curtains, and various other household goods. It deteriorates the quality of the air, and is more present in newer structures – but there are many NASA-approved houseplants that can counteract and purify the air of toxic chemicals.

Purify The Air

According to research from NASA, plants actually remove up to 87% of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, every 24 hours from the air. Plants pull the contaminants into the soil, converting VOCs into their own food.

Improve Your Health

The Dutch Product Board for Horticulture released a study that shows adding plants to your home and office decrease colds, fatigue, coughs, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and sore throats.

Damper Annoying Background Noise

Whether it’s noisy neighbors or just ambient house noises, houseplants can actually help to reduce background and ambient sounds. Green or living walls can assist in reducing noises, like in a yard or space that is near a busy road or a lot of foot traffic. There are certain plants that can diffract, reflect, or absorb background noises, which will add to the comfort of your home environment.

Indoor Plants and Their Benefits

  • Spider Plant: Air purification (formaldehyde)
  • Dragon Tree, Corn Plant, or Janet Craig Dracaena: Air purification (formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene)
  • Gerbera Daisy: Releases oxygen, air purification (benzene, trichloroethylene)
  • English Ivy: Benzene removed from the air
  • Boston Fern: Air humidification
  • Philodendron: Air purification (Formaldehyde)
    • Some similar plants include bamboo palm, pothos, weeping fig, red-edge dracaena, and Chinese evergreen.
  • Snake Plant: Air purification (formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide)
  • Peace Lily: Air purification (mold)
    • Other high-quality air purification plants include Golden pothos, Chrysanthemum, Mother-in-law’s tongue, and Azaleas.

Take Care

Make sure to take proper care of your indoor houseplants. Pick the right type of plant for your environment – high altitude, low humidity, etc. Find one that will suit your lifestyle, and the level of maintenance you can give to it. Check with your local garden, nursery, or home improvement store to establish the right watering schedule, sunlight needs, grooming, pest solutions, and repotting techniques for your specific plant.

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