Easy Clean in 2019

Coming home to a messy space can really kill your vibe. Scrubbing bathrooms and folding laundry is the last thing you want to do after work but the longer you put it off the more unmanageable it becomes. This year make it a resolution to kick the habit of procrastinating by creating a cleaning routine.

Once a Month

On the first day of every month show a little love to your dishwasher and washing machine. Stick a machine cleaning tablet in the empty machine and run it on a normal cycle. This will remove grease, limescale and water deposits that can leave residue on your dishes and clothes.

Probably the most neglected area in your bathroom is the toilet tank. Once a month, add 8 oz of toilet tank cleaner to the water inside the tank. Stir and let it sit overnight before flushing. This will remove calcium and rust from your toilet and will prolong the life of its components.

The first of the month is also an excellent time to check what cleaning supplies you need to re-order. Planning ahead will save you in disastrous moments.

Once a Week

Take a few minutes on your day off to give the bathroom a good scrub using dual bleach tabs for an easy clean. This will ensure that whites stay white and harmful germs and bacteria are wiped out.

To clean your toilets, drop one tab into the bowl and allow it to dissolve. Then, brush the bowl clean and flush before use. To clean shower surfaces, bathtubs and sinks, dissolve a tablet in one gallon of water and use a mop or sponge to scrub surfaces. Wear gloves for prolonged use.

Your day off is also a great time to freshen up your bed sheets and linens. Sweat and dead skin cells accumulate on these surfaces and can cause allergens and bad hygiene. One morning a week, undress the bed and stick the sheets in the laundry. By doing this early in the day, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to process them before use the next night.

Every Other Day

Everyday cleaners are super handy for a variety of things. They are less harsh than bleach-based products but are still effective in killing germs and allergens. This makes them perfect for countertops and computer surfaces, both of which should be cleaned at least every other day.

It’s also a good habit to run a load of laundry at least every other day. This will keep your clothes pile manageable and your favorite outfits fresh.

Crafting Your Routine

Build a monthly calendar based around how often items need to be clean. By marking off the days that work best to complete your chores you will have no problem staying on task and maintaining a happy and healthy home.

Cheers to a Clean 2019!

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