Five Additions for Your Home’s Patio or Garden to Make It More Enjoyable This Summer

You may have a great home, but you can still find fantastic things to add to it to use and enjoy during the summer. Consider these additions for your home to make it a more relaxing place to live.

Addition 1: Have Insect-repellent Plants

If you want to repel biting and stinging insects during the summer, then use a natural approach with insect-repellent plants. One of the most popular plants to grow outside a home is the citronella plant that has a fragrant grassy and citrus odor. You can place these plants in flowerpots, or you can plant the citronella plants directly into the soil. There are also other plants, including sage, peppermint, and lavender that will repel mosquitoes, flies and other irritating insects.

Addition 2: Install a Garden Clock

When you love to garden but don’t want to lose track of the time while digging in the soil or pulling up weeds, make sure to install a garden clock. You can find gorgeous outdoor clocks that you can hang on the exterior wall of your home, but you can also place a clock on an outbuilding, fence or tree. Outdoor garden clocks are resistant to rain or sunlight, and the devices have other uses, including reminding your children to come back inside at a particular time.

Addition 3: Hanging Patio Chair

You can begin your day by going outside into the sunlight rather than waiting until late in the afternoon to go outside your home. Hang a gorgeous chair on your patio by attaching it to the eaves along your home, or alternatively, you can use a special stand that will keep the hanging chair in place. This is a great place to sit in the morning while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal before you go to work.

Addition 4: Grills and Smokers

You don’t need to go to the park to have a cookout when you have smokers or grills on your own home’s patio during the summer. Make sure to find outdoor cooking equipment that is easy to use and that requires the right type of fuel. In only a few minutes, you can cook a feast for your family with roasted hot dogs, grilled hamburgers and barbecue chicken along with side dishes such as corn on the cob, bell peppers and onions. Make sure to have a fun party with your friends and family with your outdoor cooking equipment.

Addition 5: Create a Meditation Garden

If you want to relax at the end of a difficult day, then a meditation garden is the perfect location. This garden will have a focal point such as a water fountain, statue or gazing ball so that you can sit on a natural stone or wooden bench while staring at it and saying your mantra. Make sure to plant beautiful flowers in your meditation garden to make the place more enjoyable.

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