Five Last Minute “To Dos” Before Back to School

When August hits there’s only one thing on our minds… Back to School Season! The days are filled with planning the essentials like buying school supplies, establishing a new sleeping routine, cleaning, organizing, and scheduling haircuts and last-minute doctor’s appointments. While prepping for the new school year is super important, these last few weeks before the first day can be chaotic and overwhelming for the entire family. In addition to all your responsibilities, you have to remember to live it up while the kiddos are still at home and carefree from all the homework and extracurricular activities. Here are 5 last minute things you should do to make memories and relieve the stress of Back to School Season.


Unique Ways to Spend Quality Time with the Family

As a parent, the most valuable thing you can give a child is your undivided love and attention but that’s hard when our world revolves around moments of constant connection and busy schedules. It makes it hard to remember what true quality time looks like! Here are a few ideas on how you can spend the day making lasting memories without the distractions that keep us from truly connecting with the ones we love.


The Ultimate Guide to a Kid-Friendly Road Trip

Road trips are a great opportunity to create memories however when kids are involved it can become more frustrating than fun. It’s hard for little ones to stay still for long periods of time in tight spaces but with the right sources of entertainment, your road trip can be fuss-free. Here are some creative ways to keep those “Are we there yet?” questions at bay while maintaining a clutter-free cabin.