Getting Your Patio BBQ Ready

How to get your backyard BBQ ready

Warm weather means more time outdoors with friends and family This is the perfect time to get your grill ready for a BBQ. There’s no need to stay inside when you can enjoy what your patio and backyard have to offer. Here’s what you need to get your patio BBQ ready.

Freshen up the Furniture

Outdoor furniture is important for a BBQ. You need a place where people can sit and enjoy themselves, their food, and their surroundings. The furniture does not have to be fancy, but make sure everything promotes a relaxing atmosphere. If you already have outdoor furniture, you may only have to replace the cushions (or flip them), which can save time and money, as well as, add a seasonal theme.

Clean the Patio/Deck

Warm weather also means flowers are blooming, and pollen is an issue. Waterproofing your patio ensures pollen and other debris do not stick to or stain your patio. Drinks and other things can easily be wiped off the patio. Weatherproofing your patio is a good way to prevent wood rot and sun bleaching.  There are lots of easy waterproofing kits available on amazon or your local hardware store.

Give The Yard a Trim

Cutting the grass is important for overall appearance. Your yard should be free of debris, such as twigs, sticks leaves, and similar items. If you have sidewalks in your yard, try your best to make sure they are swept and clean.  Leaf blowers are an inexpensive investment that will help keep your patio looking great all summer long.

Eating Area Ready

Tables and picnic areas should be cleaned thoroughly before placing food or asking guests to sit to enjoy their meal. Wood tables should be swept and sprayed with a hose to remove loose debris. Or you can throw on a pretty tablecloth.

Clean the Grill

Last, but certainly not least, is the grill. You will be cooking on the grill and expect people to eat the food, so therefore the grill must be clean. The grill, the racks, and other compartments of the grill need to be clean. The grill is an outdoor stove, so clean it like you would any part of your kitchen before you make a meal. Hom Crème Cleanser is excellent at cleaning grill grates!!!

Set the mood

Set the tone for your BBQ with flameless candles, string lights, and fun throw pillows.  Don’t forget backyard games are fun too (horseshoe, cornhole, washers, giant jenga, ring toss etc).  If kids will be at BBQ, make sure to put out sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and other toys).

Getting your patio BBQ ready doesn’t have to be a hassle, and the BBQ experience doesn’t have to be a nightmare. These tips will help you get your BBQ started in the right direction. Now all you need is great food!


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