Stain, Stain, Go Away

There is nothing worse than the agonizing regret and doubt after you discover a stain. You go back and forth on how to treat it and often times before you can decide, the damage is already done. Luckily, we’ve got a quick guide to keep you worry free after any mishap.


Tomato-based stains can be one of the most common stains you’ll encounter. Whether it is on your white tee during spaghetti night or your best tablecloth during a backyard barbeque, if not treated quickly it can leave some serious splotches. Here’s the best way to tackle that tomato.

  1. Immediately rinse stained area under cold running water.
  2. Later, soak the item in warm water and use a sponge to apply dish soap to the area. Let sit and then wash item normally as instructed.

When it comes to food stains, dish soap is your best option over normal everyday detergent because of its ability to break down food and still be gentle enough for most fabrics.


Grease is a tough one and mainly because it’s water resistant. A simple soak will not do the trick and it can take a few tries before its trace is erased. This is the best method to make the grease gone.

  1. Immediately treat the stain with water and dish soap. This will begin breaking down elements in the grease that water alone wouldn’t be able to do. Repeat a few times.
  2. Next, completely cover and rub the area with liquid detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes then put the item directly into a wash cycle using hot water.

Getting a grease stain out is always a gamble especially if you can’t remember when or how it got there in the first place. Remember to clean your washing machine often too, as it can be a source of unexplained stains from residue left over from past cycles.


There is nothing worse than pulling out that special pan or garden tool and seeing reddish-orange blotches on it. It can even ruin the look of your porch or driveway by staining the concrete. Not only is rust annoying to remove but it can be toxic in some situations. Here’s how to rid the rust.

  1. Dowse concrete surface or rusted tool with crème cleanser.
  2. Take a wire brush and scrub surface, then rinse with cold water. Repeat steps as necessary until stains are gone.

Crème cleansers are one of the best products to use for rust stains. Choose one that contains fewer harsh chemicals than branded rust removers. This will offer a safer and gentler solution when dealing with common household items or surfaces you come in contact with daily.


The melted crayon. We’ve all had to deal with this one at some point or another. If done correctly you will be able to save your carpet or fabric. Try this method to clean the crayon.

  1. First, scrape as much of the crayon out of the fabric as you can by taking a dull tool and pulling pieces of hardened crayon up and out of the threads. Vacuum excess bits and shavings to avoid future stains if re-melted.
  2. Sponge the stained area with a dish soap and water solution. Do not rub the area to avoid spreading the color around. Blot up and down until traces are removed.
  3. Once finished, rinse the area with water and let dry.

When dealing with crayon on wall surfaces try the dish soap and water solution by gently rubbing the colored area, but be sure to watch for discoloration and stripping of paint.

Spills and accidents happen! Your best defense is to be ready with the right cleaning solution to tackle a variety of life’s little messes. For more information on the right cleaning products for your home and family check out hōm products and descriptions to learn more about their ingredients and stain fighting powers.

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