Best House Plants (that won’t die easily)

Just about any home can benefit from a touch of greenery. However, many people hesitate to bring new house plants into their dwelling because they worry about them being high-maintenance or toxic to pets and little ones. If you’ve been hoping to find a safe, low-maintenance house plant to purify the air in your home and bring in a bit of natural beauty, check out these four great options that will keep growing strong!

1. Spider Plant

Spider plants have a great reputation for being easy to care for. Its many blade-shaped leaves do a good job of cleaning the air in your home as well. These plants are extremely hardy and can thrive in light levels anywhere from semi-shade to partial sun.

One of the distinguishing features of the quirky, pretty spider plant is the long stalks that it sends out to propagate with miniature versions of itself. You can trim these off and plant them if you like, and they’ll grow into complete adult spider plants.

Caring for spider plants is simple: keep them out of the direct sunlight that will scorch their leaves, and water them occasionally to keep their soil from drying out.

2. Xerographica Air Plant

The beautiful Xerographica Air Plant is a remarkably mess-free houseplant. It only requires an occasional light misting and a 15-minute soak underwater every 2-4 weeks in order to thrive and look its best. Just make sure you let it dry upside-down after each soak in order to avoid leaf rot.

Don’t worry about accidentally killing this plant by forgetting to water it, since it comes from arid desert environments where it can sustain up to half a year without water. It can also handle both direct and indirect sunlight, meaning that it can grace either your window or your coffee table.

The Xerographica Air Plant sports striking, silver leaves that curl around its center, making it a gorgeous centerpiece!

3. Cast Iron Plant

This plant certainly exhibits the hardiness that its name would suggest, and makes an excellent choice for people who have little time to look after their house plants. Cast iron plants can endure what many would consider it to be extreme neglect and temperature variation, and can survive on very infrequent waterings.

However, as with most plants, these will perform their best and grow their tallest when watered regularly. On average, a healthy cast iron plant will grow to about 2 feet tall. This plant thrives in low light levels, making it a great choice for areas of your home that don’t see much sunlight.

4. Money Tree

According to old Chinese legends, the money tree is said to bring good fortune in the financial department due to its hardiness. It is exceedingly popular because of its low-maintenance requirements. This plant needs little light or water in order to survive, and its five traditionally braided stems provide an added spark of visual interest.

Money tree plants aren’t picky about light levels as long as they aren’t getting their leaves scorched by direct sunlight. They definitely thrive with higher humidity than some other plants do. When provided with higher humidity, the money tree will grow larger and more beautiful leaves, making it more effective at its job of cleaning chemical impurities from the air.

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